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In this post I decided to speak only in English to see how many of you understand what I’ve written ( this excepts my classmates who know maybe better than me ).

Today I’m gonna speak mostly about the protest of the teachers and about Miss T ‘s anger.

The protest of the trade-unionists is, in my opinion well-founded.Despite the education in our country is very bad paid, the government tries now to approve a „bla-bla” law which implies less money for education.They think the sum of money allocated for the Minister of Education is too SMALL!!!What the fuck!?!?!I would burry them alive, if i were capable!

Changing the subject…

As you know, yesterday all the students have stayed at home because of the union strike.Today everybody went to school as usual. When we had our first class of English ( we had three hours today ), Miss T complained in a very fucked way because we should have  come yesterday to school.She isn’t a member of the trade union and she CAN ‘ T lose two hours.Well , here’s my point of view: she should take a stick and cram it right in her ass!What the fuck did she expect from us? To come to school? To be the only losers who come to school that day?No way, honey;).

I think this week will pass very quick and in the weekend will start the succession of full ages:>. I just can’t wait!

Excuse me if I accidentally made some mistakes in writing and please correct me:).

Enjoy life!


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6 responses to “Only in English this time!

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  1. :))=)) te’ai apucat de strategiile predate azi ca sa inveti engleza?:))

    bravooo.!!! app…am inteles chiar si ce’ai scris :))=)) deci eu!

    hai pa!

    aaa…mi’am tradus textul la latina :))=))

  2. omg!!! you were porn here: she should take a stick and cram it right in her ass!

    wtf!!! a lil respect!!!:)):))

    miuhule, te-ai intrecut pe tine!!!

    ai folosit ass, fuck, what the fuck:)):))

    evoluezi!!!!:>:>:> apo maine vreau si eu temaaa:)))

    mihule.. keep up the good work! cause boassa said so!:> B-):))

  3. offtopic:
    Dacia respectiva este doar un concept auto. Adica e doar schita, nu exista in realitate.
    O seara placuta in continuare.

  4. Se bea mult, in general. Incearca sa nu-ti pierzi capul, asta macar sa sti sa te intorci acasa 😀 sau sa nu ti se fure din buzunare bani, telefon sau alte chestii.
    In rest… distractie placuta.

  5. deci nu ţi-e ruşine, măi, băieţel, că doar nu eşti cel mai bun dintre cei mai buni? deci la faza asta ai fost chiar fraier, înafară de faptul că eşti mediocru (bine, mediocru eşti oricum, da’ asta cu fraier am pus-o ashea, ca în promoţie) şi nu că mă dau eu drept etalon, da’ eu când eram de vârsta ta sclipeam! am i right or am i right? of course i’m right, i’m always right! că eu mă strădui să vă fac odată să pricepeţi learning skills şi deprinderi de lucru şi amândouă odată şi voi staţi şi dormiţi, ca… somnoroşii! (nu, de data asta chiar nu mai aveam de gând să zic fraieri)

  6. I like this post and I understood everything you wrote.:)):P….app e tare blogul tau:>

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